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This is a trial that will work for 2 days. If you like the watch face please consider a purchase to support the project and you will receive the Pro Code to unlock the trial.

I also appreciate your feedback in the form of ratings and comments in the Connect IQ store.


The watch face is a high quality hommage of the Garmin Enduro.


Also check out my other watch faces:


If you find bugs or want to request a feature please send a mail to manuel@bliemel.net.

*** Features ***

- Analog/Digital hybrid watch face. Choose between dial modes DIGITAL, HYBRID_FULL_HANDS, HYBRID_SMALL_HANDS

- Always On Display (AOD) for some Garmin Devices with Chroma Display (e.g. Fenix Series):

  legacyherocaptainmarvel, legacysagadarthvader, legacysagarey, vivoactive4, vivoactive4s, fenix7, fenix7s, fenix7x

- AOD for devices with AMOLED display: D2 Air, Venu devices and Epix2

- Antialiasing on supported devices

- Many options to customize the watch face

- Support for multiple languages

- Many customizeable data sources

- Show Day and Day of Week

- Battery status

- Power Saver Modes which are active between user sleep and wakeup time and when not wearing the watch on the wrist

- 3 customizeable extra time zones for analog and digital display

- Customizeable hand shadows adding depth and contrast

- Select from 64 colors for background, hands, minute lines, etc. resulting in an almost endless number of color combinations

- Wakeup animation of the displayed data

- Transparent hands drawing a frame and for the Venu2 using a transparent fill

- Historical data graphs e.g. heart rate, altitude, etc.

- Historical data for the last 7 days e.g. steps, distance, floors, etc.

- Notification icons

- Weather: Garmin weather (on supported devices) or Open Weather Map

- Moon phase

- Predefined color schemes

- On-watch settings on many watch models

- Choose between caption text, simple icons, 2 color icon and progress icon

- Hold to launch Complications

- Subscribe to built-in and custom complications published by apps

  like my Open Weather Map watch app

Release Notes


- Added support for built-in and custom complication data sources

  Checkout my new watch app: Open Weather Map MB which can publish

  complications to my watch faces


- Added support for the devices fr265, fr265s and fr965

- Added support for "Hold to launch complications"

- Added the feature Quick Launch (Hold the middle of the screen) currently with the options Color Scheme and Pure Mode


- Workaround a bug in the Epix2 firmware to prevent flickering in low power AOD

- Several correction for the CES translation, thank you Pavlis for your kind help

- Added translations for Text, Simple and 2Colors


- Improved icons, added DrawIcons modes text, simple, 2colors and progress

- Added support for selection None to DataTriangleTop and DataTriangleBottom


- Added data source moon phase

- Added predefined color schemes for easy and fast color switching

- Added wind speed unit and sky direction

- Switched to new compiler2 with optimization enabled

- Clearly named data sources Weather Temperature and Sensor Temperature

- Updated Russian and Ukranian translations

  Thank you Mykola for your help!

- Added support for the venusq2 and marq2 devices

- Scaled all font sizes proportionally

- Many improvements to the French translation

  Thank you Chauk-Mean for your help


- Added support for the Turkish language

  Many thanks to Gökhan Büyükkantarcıoğlu, one of my greatest supporters, who did the translation

- Fixed the day and month names for the Hebrew language


- Added support for Finnish

  Thank you Pasi Sarilampi for your kind help with the translation

- Added support for Hebrew

  Thank you Amit Dolev for your kind help with the translation

- Fixed crash when saving empty numeric settings like min/max limits


- Fix crash when changing settings while power saver is enabled and the watch is in low power mode

- Added the data source compass - !Only works during an active activity!

- Performance and memory size optimizations


- Improved on watch settings

  Added a color picker for each secondary color setting which allows for the selection of

  64 different colors on non AMOLED devices and

  4096 different colors on AMOLED devices

  Introduced jump list entries which enable quick navigation to the data and sundry settings


- Added missing icons for TimeToRecovery, Sunrise, Dawn, Dusk, BodyBattery, Stress and RespirationRate

- Added color setting TimeColor1 and TimeColor2 for the digital time display

- Apply transparency effect to the triangle fill on supported devices


- Added On Watch Settings with Live View

  for the Watch Models d2air, d2airx10, d2mach1, legacy*, descentmk2, fenix6xpro, fr255, fr955, venu*, vivoactive4, epix2, fenix7




- Changed the caption of battery in days to BATT as well

- Fixed the next sunevent display when applied to the triangles

- Added support for the devices of the fr255 and fr955 series


- Changed the caption BAT to BATT

- Small correction in the Dutch translation

- Workaround a bug within the Connect IQ API to fix the body battery and stress history graphs


- The recent firmware updates for the Fenix7 and Epix2 series broke the display mode "Once per Minute". Added a workaround to fix the issue

- Added support for the Dutch language

  Thank you Lucien for your kind help

- Added support for the Portuguese language

  Thank you João for your kind help

- Added alternative color settings as hexadecimal string values which allow access to the full color space on AMOLED devices

- Added custom logo feature

- Added the data source next sun event

- Improved transparency effect of the hands for devices with support for opacity

- Added support for black hands on black background - draw white shadow


- Speed and battery optimizations


- Small corrections to the Slovak language - Many thanks to Rasto

- Added the languages

  Vietnamese - Many thanks to Trần Trọng Đại for translating the text

  Danish - Many thanks to Tom for reviewing the text

  Ukrainian - Many thanks to Петро for translating the text

- The top of the body battery and stress graph is now fixed to 100 - Thank you John for the vast and valuable feedback

- Added progress/percent displays for the data sources time to recovery and VO2 Max running/cycling.

- Added data sources current body battery and current stress


- Enabled System 5 data sources for the following additional watch models descentmk2, descentmk2s, enduro and fr55

- Added support for the device d2mach1

- For stress and body battery fix the bottom of the graph to 0

- Added the Slovak language - Thank you Rasto for providing the translation

- The caption of the graphs can now be turned off by setting the DataCaption to none


- Added new system 5 data sources like body battery - Read my manual: https://tinyurl.com/4cef7x5k

- Bugfix week number progress calculation

- Enabled Garmin Weather for the fr55

- Applied corrections to the french language, thank you Damien!

- Added support for single / two-line display of the notification icons depending on the data position.

- Removed invalid history data options from caption settings


- Added system language/font support for day of the week, month names and weather location

- Added new settings SavePowerDuringSleep and SavePowerDuringDay which apply to the existing PowerSaver mode

- Apply settings HourLeadingZero and MilitaryTime to the sun events

- Applied suggested fixes to the Italien translation. Thanks Massimo for your kind help

- Fixed glitch in the digital AOD

- Reduced the font sizes for devices with resolution 260x260 e.g. VA4


- Revised AOD modes

 + Added separate setting to turn the second hand on/off

 + Added mode to always update digital seconds instead of the second hand

 + Added mode to update the display once per minute even when waking up the device to save battery

- Fixed a crash when disabling antialiasing when AOD is on

- Implemented the AOD for the digital seconds

- Added support for the device d2airx10

- Removed Venu2/AMOLED AOD burn-in detection firmware bug workaround

- Avoid crash when selecting Data None with Display Type Progress

- Translated the month names to Polish

- Supporting altitudes < 0

- Translated the day and month names to Italian


- Initial version