Descent MK2

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The watch face supports the Always On Display for Devices with Chroma Display (e.g. Fenix series) and for the AMOLED display of the D2 Air and Venu devices as well as Antialiasing for supported devices.

The following devices have insufficient memory and will use antialiasing permanently when AOD is off and when AOD is on only when waking up the device with the wrist gesture:

enduro, marqadventurer, marqathlete, marqaviator, marqcaptain, marqcommander, marqdriver, marqexpedition, marqgolfer, fenix5plus, fenix5splus, fenix5xplus, fenix6s, fenix6spro, fenix6pro, fenix6, fenix6xpro, fr245, fr245m, fr645m, fr745, fr945, venusq

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Descent MK2 Digital:

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*** Features ***

- Two watch faces in one (Descent MK2(i) and MK2s)

- AOD / Always On Display for Garmin Devices with Chroma Display (e.g. Fenix Series) and for the AMOLED display of the D2 Air and Venu devices

- Antialiasing on supported devices

- Many options to customize the watch face

- Customize the left hand, the triangles and the arc data and choose from the following options: PressureAmbientmBar, PressureAmbientHg, PressureSeaLevelmBar, PressureSeaLevelHg, Altitude, Steps, Floors, CurrentHeartRate, CurrentOxygenSaturation, ActiveMinutesWeek, Calories, Distance

- Show Day and Day of Week

- Customize the Logo

- Power Saver Modes which are active between user sleep and wakeup time and when not wearing the watch on the wrist

- Garmin weather as a data source for supported devices (CIQ 3.2.0): CurrentTemperature, WeatherCondition, PrecipitationChance, RelativeHumidity and WindBearingSpeed

- Customizeable hand shadows adding depth and contrast

- Select from 64 colors for background, hands, minute lines, etc. resulting in an almost endless number of color combinations

- Wakeup animation of the displayed data

- Customizeable Timer data source similar to the No-Fly feature of the original watch

After starting the timer the No-Fly airplane icon will be shown until the timer expires.

- Transparent hands drawing a frame and for the Venu2 using a transparent fill

*** How to interpret the triangle position ***

*** Credits ***

The used airplane icon was derived from the following source

The used license is CC BY 4.0

Release Notes


- Added support for the devices venusq2 and marq2


- Added support for the devices d2airx10, d2mach1, fr255 and fr955


- Added support for the devices venu2plus, epix2 and fenix7(s,x)


- Added day of week to the date display

- Added min/max settings for the data sources pressure, altitude, heart rate and calories

- Added support for 12h digital time format

- Added setting to use the system fonts

- Added second hand mode "Always On full Power" - Antialiasing with AOD in low power mode, full display update, high battery consumption


- Fixed the animation feature broken by a Garmin firmware update for the Fenix6 and similar watches


- Disabled full antialiasing for the descentmk2


- Added setting SavePowerWhenNotWearing which allows to activate the power saver mode when the watch is not on the wrist

- Activate power saver only in low power mode. This allows to show all watch face details with the gesture

- Check if the API provides a valid activity info object before accessing it fixing potential crashes with certain data sources

- Added Venu2 transparent hand opacity setting in %


- Added the new devices fr55 and fr945lte

- Fixed the setting text for the temperature data source


- Fixed the confused English and German translations of the data source battery

- Removed the readonly setting TimerStarted which was not that useful in the Connect App and caused crashes of the watch face when changing settings with Garmin Express


- Added settings for the transparent hands

- Replaced setting AOD with SecondHandMode which allows to choose between always on, gesture and always off

- Added disable animation to the power saver mode

- Increased the maximum alternative logo length to 10 characters

- Changed the default data source of the bottom triangle to steps

- Increased the font size for all watch models

- Introduced data source on top that is displayed when the timer is not running

- Added data source battery

- Improved the airplane icon quality


- Initial version