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The watch face is a high quality hommage of the Garmin Fenix7.




Also check out my other watch faces:


If you find bugs or want to request a feature please send a mail to manuel@bliemel.net.

*** Features ***


- Always On Display (AOD) for some Garmin Devices with Chroma Display (e.g. Fenix Series):

legacyherocaptainmarvel, legacysagadarthvader, legacysagarey, vivoactive4, vivoactive4s

- AOD for devices with AMOLED display: D2 Air and Venu devices

- Antialiasing on supported devices

- Many options to customize the watch face

- Support for multiple languages

- Many customizeable data sources

- Show Day and Day of Week

- Battery status

- Power Saver Modes which are active between user sleep and wakeup time and when not wearing the watch on the wrist

- 3 customizeable extra time zones for analog and digital display

- Customizeable hand shadows adding depth and contrast

- Select from 64 colors for background, hands, minute lines, etc. resulting in an almost endless number of color combinations

- Wakeup animation of the displayed data

- Transparent hands drawing a frame and for the Venu2 using a transparent fill

- Historical data graphs e.g. heart rate, altitude, etc.

- Historical data for the last 7 days e.g. steps, distance, floors, etc.

- Notification icons

- Weather: Garmin weather (on supported devices) or Open Weather Map

Release Notes


- Fixed degree character in the data source wind bearing

- The triangles now support indicating the wind direction using the whole 360 degrees

- The data source low/high/current temperature now again uses the medium font, the data source wind bearing speed still uses the small font

- Improve positioning of the caption icon within graphs

- Use a smaller pen width for the pattern of the stylish font for low resolution devices to improve the readability of the digital time

- Added setting to choose between regular and stylish arc

- Bugfixed potential out of range exception when drawing history data sources


- Added Croatian and Polish

- Removed support for the devices fr735xt and vivoactive_hr

- Added support for Open Weather Map for devices with sufficient memory that do not support Garmin weather

- Implemented time zones for the triangles

- Added data source week number

- Added option to show caption as icon which apply to progress, value and graph displays

- The history graphs now support the setting data caption: Caption, Progress, Goal and None

- Added a setting to draw a stylish large number font for the digital time dial

- Added setting none for the arc data source which will draw closed arc

- Added setting to disable a data source as a whole

- Added data source move bar

- Changed time zone input from list to numeric input to save string resources

- The data source weather condition now displays the weather location in the caption

- Removed AOD for the devices descentmk2, fenix6xpro, approachs62 to save memory for new features

- Use the small font for the data source wind bearing speed

- Draw a 12h dial with proper minute lines if the GMT hand is disabled


- Initial version