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After completing the transaction you will be transferred to a website showing the Pro Code automatically.

When using PayPal

After the purchase process is complete do not close the PayPal window! Click on "Return to Merchant" or "Zurück zum Händler" and you will be transferred to a website showing the Pro Code. You will need this code to unlock the trial.

When using the alternative donate button you will be transferred automatically after a few seconds. (Or click "Zurück zu apps.bliemel.net" or "Return to apps.bliemel.net")

If you do not receive the Pro Code please contact me and I will send it to you per mail.


According to §19 UStG no sales tax is charged



How To Support the Project

This watch face is free to use but the following features are only available to Pro Users:

- Hand styles Cathedral, Mercedes and Snowflake

- Color schemes

- Icons

- Hold to launch complications

- Certain data sources like weather, sun events, VO2, ...

You can test all features including the Pro features above.

Note that when using a Pro feature in the free version the watch face will show the text "PRO FEATURE ENABLED".

If you like the watch face please consider a purchase to support the project and you will receive the Pro Code to unlock all features.

I also appreciate your feedback in the form of ratings and reviews in the Connect IQ store.


If you find bugs or want to request a feature please send a mail to manuel@bliemel.net.

*** Features ***

Because of the tight memory limits of certain Garmin watches some features may be excluded.

Please check the following list for an overview which features are functional on your device.


- Analog/Digital hybrid watch face. Choose between dial modes ANALOG_DATA_DIAMOND_LAYOUT, DIGITAL, HYBRID_FULL_HANDS, HYBRID_SMALL_HANDS

- Always On Display (AOD) for some Garmin Devices with Chroma Display (e.g. Fenix Series):

  legacyherocaptainmarvel, legacysagadarthvader, legacysagarey, vivoactive4, vivoactive4s

- AOD for devices with AMOLED display: D2 Air and Venu devices

- Antialiasing on supported devices

- Many options to customize the watch face

- Support for multiple languages

- Many customizeable data sources

- Show Day and Day of Week

- Battery status

- Power Saver Modes which are active between user sleep and wakeup time and when not wearing the watch on the wrist

- 3 customizeable extra time zones for analog and digital display

- Customizeable hand shadows adding depth and contrast

- Select from 64 colors on chroma display devices and 65536 colors on AMOLED devices

  for background, hands, minute lines, data, etc. resulting in an almost endless number of color combinations

- Wakeup animation of the displayed data

- Transparent hands drawing a frame and for the Venu2 using a transparent fill

- Historical data graphs e.g. heart rate, altitude, etc.

- Historical data for the last 7 days e.g. steps, distance, floors, etc.

- Notification icons

- Weather: Garmin weather (on supported devices) or Open Weather Map

- Moon phase

- Predefined color schemes

- On-watch settings on many watch models

- Choose between caption text, simple icons, 2 color icon and progress icon

- Hold to launch Complications

- Subscribe to built-in and custom complications published by apps

  like my Open Weather Map watch app

Release Notes


- Initial version