Bundle Pixel Art

Buy the complete watch face bundle >3 watch faces< for 10

When using Stripe (Credit Card, Google/Apple Pay, WeChat, AliPay, ...)

After completing the transaction you will be transferred to a website showing the Pro Code automatically.

When using PayPal

After the purchase process is complete do not close the PayPal window! Click on "Return to Merchant" or "Zurück zum Händler" and you will be transferred to a website showing the Pro Code. You will need this code to unlock the trial.

When using the alternative donate button you will be transferred automatically after a few seconds. (Or click "Zurück zu apps.bliemel.net" or "Return to apps.bliemel.net")

If you do not receive the Pro Code please contact me and I will send it to you per mail.


According to §19 UStG no sales tax is charged

Note that the Mandelbrot watch face is only supported on the following watches
d2air, d2airx10, d2mach1, epix2, fenix7, fenix7s, fenix7x, fr255, fr255m, fr255s, fr255sm, fr955, legacyherocaptainmarvel, legacyherofirstavenger, legacysagadarthvader, legacysagarey, marq2, marq2aviator, venu, venu2, venu2plus, venu2s, venud, venusq2, venusq2m, venusqm, vivoactive4, vivoactive4s