Exciting Software Update 9.0.0 for my Watch Faces

Hey everyone!

Today, I’m absolutely thrilled to announce the release of software update version 9.0.0 for some of my most popular watch faces, including the MARQ Gen2 series and the Fenix7 Pro Analog watch face. Having put a lot of thoughts into improving the existing design, I’ve aimed to give you a more enhanced, user-friendly experience. So, let’s dive right into what’s new!

1. Alternative Burn-In Protection Mode on AMOLED

Understanding the occasional grievances regarding pixel burn-ins, I’ve introduced a new burn-in protection mode. Instead of the conventional method of reducing pixel density which often compromises on clarity, this new mode reduces the number of elements drawn on the screen. The result? Elements appear noticeably sharper, brighter, and are an absolute breeze to read.

Try the altervative mode by changing the setting “Burn in Protection Mode”.

To further give you a visual, I’ll be including a few images at the end that’ll perfectly contrast and highlight the differences of the new versus the old burn-in modes. I’m pretty confident you’re going to love the difference!

2. Enhanced On-Watch Settings View

Say goodbye to the tedious task of remembering or guessing the position of a data display. With the updated on-watch settings view, the currently selected data display is now marked with a cross. There’s no longer a need to frantically search the manual or spend time guessing. A small change, but one I believe will significantly elevate your user experience.

Coming Soon to All My Watch Faces!

That’s right! Similar updates and enhancements will be rolling out across all my watch faces in the near future. So, stay tuned for even more improvements!

A Special Gift: MARQ2 Series for Free

In my continual effort to give back to this amazing community, I’ve made the basic version of the MARQ2 series watch faces available for free – with no time limitations! For those who cherish the pro features, they remain exclusive to our Pro Users. But if you’re new or want to give my designs a whirl, now’s the perfect time.

I encourage you all to download them in the Connect IQ store and share your experiences. Your reviews and feedback don’t just motivate me, they are instrumental in shaping future updates. Your voice matters, and it would mean the world to me if you could spare a few moments to leave a review.

In wrapping up, my sincere thanks go out to every single one of you for your continued trust and support. I promise to keep working diligently to offer innovations that enhance your wrist game!

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